Sunday, May 2, 2010

TCAF(Toronto Comic Arts Festival)

TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) is coming up! The weekend of May 8-9 at the Toronto Reference Library at Yonge & Bloor and here's what I'll be selling at my table:

Ribstallments ($5) collects some of my sequential shorts and Bacon Poussin ($4) is also a collection of short stories in comic book form with friends Oliver Costes & Nick Hehn. I'll also be debuting my second collaborative effort, Tumor, with writer, Joshua Hale Fialkov (Elk's Run). I'll only have 10 copies of Tumor available though and each is priced at $12.

Fractured Jaw ($10) features some of my b & w watercolours.

The final set of books being sold at my table and featuring my illos are these booklets of poetry written by Carolynn Blanchette. Together they complete the Love Trilogy but they can be bought individually. Oh, and she also sells condos on the side.

Please stop by and support alternative comics!

Hey, what's with the crickets!

*chirp* *chirp* *chirp* *chirp* *chirp*...


  1. Books and stands look great! Thanks for the plug, too. See ya at TCAF!

  2. your trait is wonderful, I really like ... especially the use of black and gray.


  3. Hope you have a great convention ! Books look sharp , esp cover on the Bacon one.

  4. Nick-It took some trial tests but, yeah, patience finally paid off when it came to building the display racks.

    Ned, and Dom-thanks for the positive feedback on my work!

    Dom-Overall, it was probably my best convention/festival sales wise. It helped having some copies of the "Tumor" graphic novel to catch people's attention.